Who I am

How evil are you?
Not evil, just corrupted
Pretty damn evil (X)
I'm not evil, I just think differently
Ambitious not evil
I'm too much of a pansy to be evil
I'm a hero!
I just need the money
I suppose I'm evil yeah, but he started it!
What made you evil?
Her husband
That briefcase
My wife äääh..welche Frau???
The English
Greed (X)
That stupid ring
What is your job?
Wood Cutter
Weapons specialist
Jewel Thief (X)
How do you die?
Shot, dropped 200ft+ and crushed
I sail away into the distance and survive
I lead my men to victory and survive!
I get shot by rather a lot of arrows (X) ....prinzipiell...ich fühle mit dem armen Boromir..
I dont die but I am disgraced
I am buried alive
I get blown up
I am beheaded
 What is your role in this production?

I am the lead, though my co-star is very important
I have the only non-recurring role in the whole series
I share the glory with a co-star
I'm the villain, shame about the hero
I'm the evil villain (X) ...what else? XD
I have a small pathetic part
It's all about me baby!
Second in the credits...Huzzah! ( ) ... ja, das natürlich auch...


uuund die Lösung iiist:

 Boromir!!!! yay me!!! irgendwie klar...also ich hätte mich geekelt, wenn  jetzt oliver mellors ( aus Lady Chatterlys Lover) raus gekommen wäre.


 1...2...3... HUZZAH! He is slain! 

13.4.08 21:39


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